Contains traffic generator tools, that will allow you to drive traffic to your website in many different ways, and get the hits you deserve...! Here's just some of the things you'll be able to do!
*Create & start your own submission service/business/website using "Traffic Maniac" as a back-end submission wizard!
* Blast your own URL, your website, your ads, or your customer's site & ads automatically, to an amazing 225,000 search engines, directories, classified ad sites, press releases, thousands of media contacts, message boards & more. "Traffic Maniac" provides an easy to use web-based interface to make submission a breeze!

* You can even start your own classified advertising service for customers, using the same concept, or an option is supplied to build your own free classified advertising site.
* Learn 2 steps to massive traffic, and how to create a traffic jam!
* Learn how to get your ad viewed countless times on an infinite number of websites!
*Create an exit page with a small piece of script - that will drive traffic to your site, everytime somebody leaves it!

* Create a non-stop flow of traffic to your own site or your advertising, using "Traffic Maniac" tools!
* Even drive traffic to your ebay auction ads!

Drive thousands of visitors to your website, and more...!

Sitemap menu generator - create an integrated high tech look
* DHTML menu generator - create dynamic DHTML pop-out

* Graphic NavBar generator - create vertical or horizontal image buttons
* CSS NavBar menu generator - create image mouseovers
* 3D Graphics menu generator - create custom graphic logos & headlines
* Website Templates - create your own interfaces, buttons, banners, & more instantly. Just plug your information in!
Includes: Drop down menu generator - create a classical text drop Traffic Maniac...
Even contains menu generators that can help you to build your sites.
* Domain Search Tool - Search domain names that are available for registration, and much more!
* Visibility Analyzer - A powerful full featured windows tool to track down & keep track of your web site ranking, as well as all of your keywords and phrases on all of the major search engines!
* A Word Market - This program will keep searching the web for the elusive keywords - to let you know how frequently they are used! If you wonder which keywords & key phrases get the most action, and think the ones you use are not included, you need this!
* A Gif Runner - If you're tired of searching for gifs that meet your needs - get relief with this runner! Just enter a subject & turn this tool loose!
* A Phenomenal Advertising Machine - that will literally build any online business you plug in!
* 700 Website Awards Worksheet - Apply & track your activities!
* A Link Blaster - Another excellent source of free traffic!
* Plus Much, Much More!
Traffic Maniac...
Comes with royalty free resell rights... That's right - you can sell TrafficManiac any way you choose - and you keep 100% profits forever! You can even create your own service, business, or websites, using "TrafficManiac" as a back-end for your services, or even create your own websites to sell "TrafficManiac!" Any kind of submission services, can sell for hundreds of dollars! Even a website just selling "TrafficManiac" could bring in a fairly good price! These examples we've given, are just some of the ideas you can use, but you don't have to use any of ours - you can come up with your own, or you can just sell the "TrafficManiac" software alone. There's money to be made - no-matter which way you choose to go with it.