- S o f t w a r e    w i t h    M a s t e r    R e s e l l    R i g h t s -

1 Application - Over 165 resellable products


Welcome to the Newest concept in Software 4 Reselling!  If you looking for ONE product to Resell You have found it!

RABDigital is a powerful, easy to use, interactive tool that accesses an ever updating online database. When you purchase RABDigital You only need to download one small application (692kb) to access all the products contained. You receive FREE LIFETIME updates too!

It's A Known Fact:
That many internet millionaires, as well as the world's most successful people got started selling someone else's software or business plan to start their own business and achieve their own success. They took advantage of existing systems, partnerships, or situations to start their own business and get them where they are today!  Now - you too, can take advantage of a new, and unique system and profit quickly and easily, just like others have!

How It Works:
The digital database currently holds $thousands$ of dollars worth of software. Most products sell separately from $14.95 to $39.95. You have full access to all of them, around the clock! The database is maintained and updated regularly for you with new products - and you have INSTANT access to everything plus all future updates... just open your software and it's there! No work for you to do and no more money to pay - ever again!

Sell The RABSoftware or the Individual Products  over and over again! And with the "Master Resell Rights"  you simply can't go wrong.  Don't Let this new Opportunités pass your by!


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But That's Not All!  You Also Recieve...

  1. Complete distribution and resell rights to most of the software found within the Resellers Automated Business System! You can use them in any way you wish ... you can even sell them individually. It's your choice! But most importantly ... YOU keep 100% profits!

    The great thing about Resellers Automated Business System! is that you are getting many software applications that you can use or make money from - OR BOTH.

  2. Only ONE Small Application required to download all the files (only 692.kb). That means there's no need to upload anything to your web host except the website files and the "Software application"! The updating and maintaining the product downloads is automatically taken care of for you.

  3. You get a copy of this professionally designed, ready-to-go website (all graphics included) to make your selling of the Resellers Automated Business System! a breeze!

  4. FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! You will also be entitled to FREE updates to the Resellers Automated Business System! as and when new products are added.